March 13, 2010

Went to the hospital after a long time, almost equivalent to an eon for me… as my long term memory fades as soon as a month goes by. Entered the building with a new hope… a new outlook to life… all I had in mind was happiness, happiness to be able to find some faces who won’t judge me by my face…and read ‘Studious’ on my face… and reconsider (better say ‘don’t consider’) their decision to be with me, or say even talk to me.

But at the hospital the best thing was that no one knew that I am Gurmeet… and even after they knew so, they didn’t knew I ‘the’ Gurmeet. And hence they all acknowledged my presence there and reciprocated my smiles with theirs. So began my experience at the hospital. The doctor donning the air of sincerity, had her sincerity dissolved to light joking as soon as I made silly attempts at checking my temperature by inserting the thermometer in my mouth and with the rod in me I came out of the room into the lobby confessing her I didn’t know how to check my blood pressure 😉 Only to get scolded by her ‘Go and sit in the room, you are not supposed to do all this yourself. I will send the nurse. and take the thermometer out of your mouth :P’

The nurse came in with a bad mood. She didn’t reflect my 10Watt smile back. Never mind,,, second attempt: I said a ‘Hello’… got a bubbling smile! This worked 🙂 Next step, get to know what happened to her mood,,, not so difficult: another nurse came in saying “How do her kids tolerate her” and I knew they were scolded by the doctor for not being in the room when I needed to check my temperature and BP. So now to make them normal towards me I had to be childish… Here goes the thermometer back into my mouth, to receive two signals simultaneously, ungarbled and quite expected: ‘Muh me mat dalo!!!’ 😀

Back to doctor doctor, where she was preparing herself a list of medicines to prescribe me. She just started the marathon as soon as she had the prescription paper in her hands. I interrupted after Three ‘These many medicines’ and she didn’t reply!?!?!…But after a few moments, ‘these are not These many 😛 X X X X X’ (Where X X X X X = details of each of the medicines 😉 ) Then owing to my severe throat pain I had to ask her to add Strepsils (that’s all I expected out of the hospital) to the never ending list only to get back the most witty response possible… the one I cold have easily imagined :’Now you yourself are asking for more :P’!!!


We do it…

March 13, 2010

Sins, Sins, Sins… that is what we are all filled with. Continuing my previous posts, this post is dedicated to the sins Sloth and Pride. Not the sloth of a Sloth and pride of a Lion… but the sloth and pride as committed by we humans, as they say animals come to this world and pay for their past sins… they committed in human form. They don’t accumulate any new sins in the animal form. But human beings, being endued with consciousness to judge and take decisions wisely, do gather sins during the journey of the soul as human being.

So sloth as I commit, refuse to work owing to unreasonable tiredness, sleeping at odd hours, and above all the vice turns into a sin when because of slothful nature we do every thing we need to, for our day-to-day activities but refuse to pay the time gifted to us by the Lord, back to Him. We don’t remember God saying we don’t have time for all this… what time? the one given by Him for our amusement on this earthly world, or the one that scares us of death each moment of this journey? All He asks from us is a part of our day spent remembering our Creator with pure Love and sense of belongingness and surrender.

But how can we surrender? We are so full of pride to do that… Pride when we make fun of someone asking a silly question in class (even though 0=infinity can not be justified)… whereas we all might be encouraging our brothers and sisters to put up questions to the teacher as soon as they have a doubt…! Pride when we chuckle at a professor labelling the Ymin and Ymax along X axis… whereas the first rule of learning is to accept the teacher knows more than you. Not only is chuckling end of the pride… we take a 360 degree view of the classroom and show each and every student our stupid grin to tell ‘Hey, I could recognise his mistake’…again pride! And also pride when we turn our face from the one who has hurt us in past,,, or even the one who we are acquainted to but not friends with… as in both the situations we feel the other person should approach us first… why should I???

As they say, pride is the most difficult of all sins to handle… because when we have overcome all other sins, we have to face pride… pride of overcoming the other sins… and this pride persists as long as we believe we are the Doer. Just when we detach ourselves from the mortal selves and view us as ethereal entities that have only One purpose of their fortunate arrival on the planet as Humans, can we come above the shackles of Sins.

Raaaa ri ra… ta ra ra ri ra ra…

February 21, 2010

Just happened to catch the Agnee song, from the eternal and ubiquitous wave of music that flows in the hostels, even when the exams are at their peak :D, that touched my heart and all the pains of my past revisited in just a few moments…the wave of pain brought the following words to my mind:

Dil ke kisi kone me dard chhupae rakha hai…

Baha na jo tere jaane pe, wo ashq dabae rakha hai…

Maanga na Khhuda se dobara kabhi tujhe…

Par palko ke peechhe sapno ka sailaab dabae rakha hai!

Hope this song shall revive lost love all those Fortunate people who ever experienced the beauty of love… Enjoy!!!

Envy and Jealousy

February 14, 2010

/* Written a week ago, a post postponed due to unavoidable ciucumstances */

Roadies might have stopped depicting theme of the sins in the recent episodes but that does not stop my endeavour to strive not commit them. Not many days back a dear friend of mine, Atul came to me with a good news about a mutual friend and he knew me (and ‘the deep rooted sin’ in me) so well as to guess the immediate consequences of the so-called good news. I ended up burning in the blaze of jealousy.

Jealousy, as I attribute it, in my character resides because of me being a Scorpion (other than having a magnetic personality, irresistible sex appeal and insatiable desires like those of the deadly creature :)) and that too an Epitome of the Proud Scorpion Race (this pride calls in for another sin though, but discussion here is about Jealousy, the sin…or is it Envy?)

Coming back to Atul telling me the sad news… he brought a newspaper cutting of the same day with the title that adverts to my present state of mind, “Envy And Jealousy: They’re Different” and at once I knew that this is what I needed. Jealousy as they say is somewhat a milder form of Envy (just like say love is a milder form of passion, bad of egregious, and neurotic of psychotic) and is more visible than the true form of the sin. To quote the article:

“Envy sticks to one’s soul like a leech, draining a lot of psychic energy.” and “Another mark of envy is that peculiar feeling of enjoying the misfortune of others” which makes me realise that perhaps I did not experience envy at that particularly weak moment. But at the same time, Envy, as they said fills us with a Why-Not-Me fixation and overlooking our own Blessings, ending up in the Whirlpool of Discontent; seemed to have resided in me more mysteriously than jealousy.

The article also mentioned my oft-repeatedly favourite topic- 7 Deadly Sins viz.. (I mention them NOW because Wikipaedia enlisted 11 sins for me and I was not sure if 7 sins + Extravagance + Acedia + Wrath + Vainglory = still 7 sins!?!) Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust…Three of which would have been discussed in details by the end of this post…

The most important part was obviously the one where the three remedies of envy were enlisted for the unfortunate mortal patients like you and i:

-> A sense of Gratefulness,
-> A sense of Contentment and
-> This-too-shall-pass kind of philosophical attitude.

The more we fight envy the tighter the knots of the gnarled tree get, but acceptance paradoxically reduces its power.

Just remember next time you feel jealous of anyone on anything for whatever reason, that… At the end of the game, the king and the knight go back into the same box. So come on you bloody pawn!!! (Did someone yell Pride?)

First Blog

January 16, 2010

It has to be special, so why not start with the most sinful thing one can commit, which I am trying not to commit these days, the SIN. Yeah…the present season of Roadies 7.0 inspired me way too much to look into the SEVEN DEADLY SINS from wikipaedia and try to free my mortal self of those, one at a time perhaps, as the reality show unfolds…

1. GREED for anything, say better grades, a better internship, better vocabulary, better physique and perhaps a better girlfriend 😉 are to be abstained by me. Live life simple and humble. Aamir Khan when interviewed about his success mentions to India Today “When I used to go back home after my Tennis Match my mom would be extremely happy over my victory in the match everyday and cook a good dish for me” and suddenly one day he realised how sad the competitor’s mother would be over his loss at the match daily… this experience made the superstar humble in life and he started grabbing a bite or two with the fellow player (not a competitor any more). I remember my mom telling the same to me when I did not clear the online exam for Opjems, “Let someone else celebrate happiness at his home this time!!!” and I was more than happy for Tau getting the same. Also not to forget to mention, I know the difference in my approach to give the Opjems test; after first year I wanted to get the scholarship because of its association with noble causes and the test conductor being quite friendly to me (strange reason I know 🙂 but after the second year I wanted it to enshrine in my CV…Greed!

2. GLUTTONY is the voracious insatiable appetite of food, money, sex, punishment etc. (etc. I just read somewhere, is used when we want to show we know more than what we actually do… this is a dictionary definition anyway, so I dare not remove the etc. from there) For Food I’m trying not to indulge too much in sweets, avoiding the daily dose of kheer and dahi; as lately I started eating ‘much’ food (if you call three chapatis or two chapatis and some rice as ‘much’) I came back to my normal self of only two, with perhaps some Dal as a top up or coffee as a free service (a mouth freshener after the onion rich lunch); and not to forget the abstinence from french fries… that have hardly anything French about themselves. I am not too much into money, sex (ok….we’ll talk about this later) and punishment so lets close Gluttony for now…

Much more about the journey of the Roadies and evolution of Gurmeet into a better Human Being in the subsequent posts.

Keep Smiling 🙂